Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a little elegance with burlap?

Burlap isn't just used for shipping coffee beans. This lovely material is being used in pillows, curtains and decor. Look at Pottery barn and Ballard Designs and you will see burlap curtain panels ranging from $50.00 to $100.00 for, are you ready?? ONE panel, of course. I love burlap. It's a cheap material and it has some vintage appeal to it. I decided to make two panels and a roman shade (ish) curtain for my kitchen. I purchased 5 yards of burlap and 5 yards of a thin cream fabric (for the lining). Also, I decided to do a gold trim on these with a silk fabric I found on clearance for $7.00 a yard. Total cost for this project: $35.00, for are you ready??? All three curtains, because I'm cool like that! And here is how I made them:

I took two yards of the burlap and two yards of the cream lining and layered them like so:

I then folded over about four inches and put fabric pins in to secure it ( this will be the top where you hang from curtain rod). I used a straight stitch to make the pocket.

 I then took the lining, folded it over (at the bottom) and ironed it. I also did a straight stitch on this:

I then cut out 12 inches by 52 inches of the gold silk fabric. I folded in the frayed edges and did a blind hem on the bottom and a decorative stitch on the top portion:

I then aligned the trim with the burlap portion of the panel (I didn't attach to the lining, I wanted that to be loose from the burlap at the bottom so it wouldn't pucker). I used pins to secure in place and did a blind hem stitch to attach.

I then folded the edges of the silk trim over and did a blind hem stitch. The result:

Notice my new paint color? I think it looks fabulous with my new curtains. I wasn't sure about this color when we first did it, but with my new decorations I think it is looking pretty good. Like the vintage coffee sign? check that out here.

 O.K. now on to the third window treatment. I took the last yard of the burlap and cream lining. I cut out the width I needed for the small window in my kitchen. I hemmed the sides of the burlap and then made a pocket at the top just like I did with the panels. Then, I folded the burlap and lining together in four rows:

 I then sewed both sides of the (soon to be) curtain. Make sure you stop the stitch before you reach the top pocket. Otherwise there will be no place to put the curtain rod in. Then you would just have a piece of fabric all sewed together and no way to hang it. That wouldn't be good!! When both sides are secured, I took 10 inches of the silk fabric and made another trim just like I made for the panels. I then sewed it to the piece of burlap hanging down on the bottom. Then, once again, folded over and sewed the sides of the trim. The end result:

Love it! Going to make some decorative plates to hang above each curtain that I just made. Tutorial on that to come! By the way, I didn't forget about the cushion for my bench! Just bought another zipper. Hopefully it won't be hidden again by this cute little guy:

Happy sewing!



Glamour Girl said...

I love the pic of your "little guy"! Curtains are terrific along with your new paint color!! The contrast of texture with your cutain material is fab!!

Shirley Fachilla said...

Sooo professional. I see the results of your sewing class and I really like your curtains. Burlap who knew it could be so elegant.

Kim said...

I LOVE burlap- I even love the smell of it (I know- I'm a little strange- it reminds me of earth and all things nature). Your curtains are fabulous!! I had my mom help me make burlap curtains once and she thought I was crazy- couldn't believe I would want that hanging in my home- I was cutting edge and ahead of my time! I LOVE your wall color and the sign looks fantastic against it- I really love all the color you use in your home :)

Maggie said...

I would not have thought of using burlap for curtains, thanks for sharing.
Don't forget to link it in our linking party this week.



Shelia said...

Your curtains look wonderful!
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Ange (Love From My Kitchen) said...

That looks great! I just saw burlap somewhere the other day and really wanted to make pillows with it and now I'm kicking myself I didn't buy! I might need to make a faux roman shade, your's looks so nice!

Anne Maskell said...

You've just given me the incentive I needed to make curtains for my own kitchen! I hadn't thought of burlap. It will look great on my windows. I'm a new follower, off to read more of your blog. Have a lovely day!

Kelli Pruiett said...

Where do you get cheap burlap from?

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

@ Kellie, You can get burlap at Hobby Lobby for 3.99 a yard. They usually have a 40% off coupon online too. So with the coupon you would pay about $2.39 a yard!