Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ucreate's create with me project

I decided to do Ucreate's create with me project for September. It is a lovely bag tutorial from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar (click HERE for tutorial). It was fun to do. The last time I did the Ucreate project it was for my Anthro inspired apron you can find HERE. Anywho here is the bag I created:

 Alexa modeling it for me

The only thing I altered on the tutorial is that I made piping around the bag to add some more detail. This bag is Alexa's new sleepover bag. Perfect!


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make your own rustic beachy art

Well that's what I am calling it. I made three paintings for my guest bathroom. On each painting I did a faux wood background and then painted a beachy theme on top. I will show you how to easily make a canvas into a faux wood background.

You will need Black, brown, and white acrylic paint. That's it.

Make four equal lines down the canvas
Make several curved lines within one of the four spaces two or three times. This will look like the knots in the wood. Use the black for the curves and fill in with the brown. Add some white to the edge to add more depth. paint surrounding area brown mixing it in wtih the black to create more texture.
Use white for each line in between. This will make it look like wood boards.
add brown to the white line to blend it more.
Repeat for each space.
Now paint over your faux wood with what you want. I outlined my drawing in white chalk before painting. This is helpful to me. I then painted coral:
An octopus:
And jellyfish (I had the faux wood going sideways in this one to add interest)
Here they all are together:

Do you love them?!? I do! This was a fun project. I just love to paint. Guest bathroom almost done. Reveal soon. I promise people!


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Transformation Thursday

Monday, September 26, 2011

4x4 pumpkin patch

Have you seen this cute pumpkin patch made out of 4x4s on Pinterest??

 If not check it out HERE, after you read and comment on my post first of course ;) I decided to make some of my own. Check out her tutorial on how to make the gauges in the wood and how to attach the stem, links below. Good stuff!

So I bought a 10ft 4x4 and had it cut in 6 pieces. Two 13in, two 15in, and two 18in. I got a square dowel (can a dowel be square? I don't know, but we will go with square dowel. Okay?) I also had that cut in six 5in pieces. All of these cuts were done by Home Depot. They are so nice to help me in my project needs!

Supplies needed:
10ft 4x4 cut in six pieces
square dowel cut in six pieces
2 rectangular wood plaques (found at michaels for .99)
orange acrylic paint
green acrylic paint
brown acrylic paint
flat head screw driver

First you are going to make the gauges in the wood. So check out the video tutorial HERE ( I used a flat head screw driver instead of the chisel). Then sand down everything really well. Clean off and paint orange. When dry, sand again on the edges and where you made the gauges. Now go HERE to see how the stems are added on, very cool trick.

Now paint your stems brown and sand the edges of those too. Then take your rectangular plaques and paint them brown. Add pumpkin patch and happy fall, or whatever you are so inclined to write, using a stencil. When dry, lightly sand to give it a worn look. Now drill a hole in each plaque on the top middle. String jute through the hole. Set aside. Paint on leaves and vines with the green paint (this isn't what the original did, so take it upon yourself to do what you like best). Now wrap three blocks each a couple times with jute and you are done!

 I found some hayish looking stuff at the dollar store and decided to tie a piece to the top of each one too.

Aren't these so cute! I am so happy with them. They were also pretty cheap to make and I really enjoyed making them. Ethan and Alexa even helped paint the orange part. They thought that was so cool. They love it when I involve them in projects. So fun!


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