Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage coffee sign

In an attempt to be organized with my posts (before I can't even find an old one that I'm looking for) I created a categories page. Please use this as a helpful reference to past posts. Enjoy (lets see how long I can keep this organized)!

As you may know I am currently redecorating my kitchen (to see all the projects I have done for it thus far go here). See that categories section already came in to use! O.k. back to the tutorial of my lovely vintage sign. So, I had some left over plywood from my miles from me to you sign And you know how much I like to use stuff that I already have. When the price tag is FREE, I am excited! I took this 22in by 15in scrap and painted it chocolate (sounds much yummier than brown don't cha think?). Here is that:

Then here is the most annoying part: letting it dry! ughhh! When it was finally dry ( I check it like every 5 mins because I get impatient) I painted a crackle finish over the chocolate. That takes at least an hour to dry, so find something else to do in the mean time. When you can touch it and it isn't sticky, you are good to go on the top coat. I painted a cream over the chocolate and crackle finish:

Instant vintage appeal! So I then printed out hot and fresh coffee served daily in different fonts and sizes. I used this as a guide for me to paint these on free hand. I also printed out a picture of coffee as a guide as well. It is so much easier to paint something when you are looking at what you want it to look like. Here is the end result:

This sign is going to look perfect over my french doors to the patio! Love it! Now off to hang up my new decor that cost me nothing! oh yeah!!

 Happy crackling!



texas girl said...

super cute idea do you think you could put crackle on a piece of furniture and distress it to ??

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, I love it!! I've used a crackle finish before on a picture frame. Love the use of the paint color "chocolate" instead of brown. That made me smile. :) Very very cute project! Thanks so much for joining my party. Have fun finding some new reads. :) Hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon!

~The Bargain Babe said...

(Saw you on the Serenity Now link party)

Kim said...

I love it- I ♥ crackle finish- I redid my sewing machine cabinet in it! I can't wait to see pics of it hanging up!! You are such a busy gal!!!