Friday, January 20, 2012

Guest Post

I am guest posting today at one of my all time favorite blogs! Primitive and Proper. If you aren't familiar with Cassie's blog, you need to be. She is one of the best furniture refurbishers (is that what you call them?) out there in blog land. She is constantly amazing me with her creativity in furniture and so many other decorating ideas. So go over there like NOW and check me out and stick around for a while to check her out too. You will not be dissappointed! Besides you need to see my first official project of the year (it's baby related, of course:)


Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Year in Review

It's been a year (well yesterday it was) since I started this blog. I have learned so much about my style and have learned how to do so many things that I would have never thought to do myself. Lets take a look at some of my favorites, shall we?

Room redos:

I redid my daughter's room. This was actually my very first post!

We (and when I say we, I mean my husband) added board and batten to our study.

I totally redecorated my kitchen

We put up beadboard and totally redecorated our guest bathroom

I did a TON of prejects in my living room. They are listed all HERE

I also learned A LOT about furniture painting and refurbishing

I reupholstered my first chair

I completely re-did this table and even added shelving

I refinished and painted this old washstand

I re-did this table and started selling my furniture on craigslist

I Learned to sew like a pro (well I'm getting there)

I made my first diaper bag without a pattern

I made my first Anthro knock off purse

I made another diaper bag for a baby shower gift

I made several of these dresses as gifts

I made a few knock offs

My Anthro inspired ruffle curtain

Pottery Barn's rustic clock

Pottery Barn burlap matted frame and oversized hangers

Ballard's inspired me to paint

I used wood in my decorating

I used scrap wood to make a cool sign for my kitchen

EAT sign for my kitchen

I made a wood sign for my master bedroom

I also baked quite a bit

These caramel toffee cupcakes were to die for

I made the best brownies know to man with a made up recipe

There was quite a lot more going around here on this blog the past year, but it would take another year to show you it all :)

So take a look around if you are new around these parts and maybe you will find a project to be inspired by. I know I have been inspired over and over again in blog land. It seriously has been an awesome year. Thanks all for reading along!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Project list.....A little late

But I am pregnant so I get a pass. Right?!?

It's been awhile again people! Sorry about that. Glad to see the blogging world is up and running without me (I'm totally joking of course). I am now officially in the second trimester and it is BLISS compared to the first. I am still pretty tired, but I can eat like a normal person again. Which is quite delicious after not eating anything but crackers and oatmeal for two months. I am sure my weight loss in the first trimester will make up for itself in the second ;)

Here is a cute little peek at my biggest project of 2012. Date of completion July 5th (C-section).

Awwww I can't get enough of that pic! Any body want to make some guesses on whether it's a boy or girl?! I am hoping girl, but boy would be fun for Ethan. We shall see in the next month or so.

So my project to do list for this year (I am going to try to complete this. I am not making any promises though. Pregnancy and a two year old is a lot of work).

Make pillows for living room
Make pillows for Alexa's room
Redo kitchen island......for the fourth time
Finish my shelves over the windows in kitchen
Organize cabinets in my laundry room
Paint laundry room
Finish decorating laundry room
Get Ethan a big boy bed
Find a rug for his room
Paint a stencil on a rug for kitchen table
Make covers for chairs in kitchen
Reupholster bar stools
Organize and purge kids closets
Organize and purge coat and linen closet
Completely redo master suite
  • Paint master bedroom and bathroom grey (color scheme if boy grey, turquoise and orange. Color scheme if girl grey, turquoise and pink.)
  • Frame out mirrors in master bath
  • Deocorate half the room as nursery
  • Make upholstered platform bed
  • Reupholster a rocking chair (will find on craigslist, waiting to find out sex of baby first)
  • Find a dresser to redo for changing table
  • Find a credenza or dresser to redo for tv
  • Accessories, accessories, accessories
Make a ton of cute little clothes for the new one when I find out what I'm having

Sooooo I am not making any promises. I may get done every item on this list, I may get done more, or I may just give up all together and just take a ton of naps. Only time will tell ;)

What are some projects/goals that you have for 2012?

Tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary!! Whooo! Stay tuned for a recap of the past year. I got a lot done last year!