Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A lovely cushion for a lovely bench

Remember this bench:

 How about this fabric:

 Well if you don't remember, I have been trying to make a cushion cover for my bench. I seriously had no idea I would dread this project so much. This was definitely quite a challenge. In the end I have a perfectly imperfect cushion cover! Seriously I love it. It fits the cushion I had cut just right.

 Here is the result:

 I'm not doing a tutorial on this because it took FOREVER! Really though if you're interested in how I made it, I would tell you my steps (more thoroughly than the steps below).

 It went a bit like this:

  1.  Cut fabric
  2.  hem 
  3. make piping 
  4.  sew it on 
  5.  hem some more 
  6.  cut some more fabric
  7.  sew on a zipper 
  8. hem again 
  9. sew pieces together 
  10.  sew corners together 
  11.  spend about ten minutes trying to fit a large foam piece in an eighteen inch zipper hole (yeah bad idea on that size)
  12.  sit back and relish in the fact that the dreaded cover is FINALLY finished. 
  13. tell myself I will never take a sewing job on that I don't enjoy again

Happy sewing



Kim said...

wow- it looks great!! I have to laugh because most of my sewing jobs go like this- part of why I don't do it more- but the money you can save doing it yourself,right? I love the pillows on each end for that pop of color too- you did a fantastic job :)

Vicky said...

I like toille on anything. Great job. I love reading your blog and stealing your ideas!

Angela said...

looks great!!!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

You did a super job on it! Now, sit back.