Thursday, February 3, 2011

And then came the headband

Since my daughter decided to wear her new dress today, I decided to make her a cute headband to match it last night. Follow the directions on how to make a silk flowers here. I made two of them in different sizes. Before I glued the pedals together, I sewed a pearl accent on both top petals. Then I took my trusty hot glue gun (oh what would I do without you?) and glued the two flowers to a headband I found in her hair accessories drawer. Here is the beautiful result:

 Here is a pic of her wearing it:
 ok this next picture is just for fun! Ethan HAD to try it own too! He then quickly threw on the ground. Guess it was too "girly" for his manly ways:
 Happy gluing!



KATHY said...

That is adorable!!


Kim said...

You must wear the title this week of "best Mom ever"! What a lucky little girl :)

Krysta said...

Ethan cracks me up! Great job.