Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Round 3 Voting

It's that time again people! Go VOTE for your favorite! Round 3 project is Styrofoam. You will be impressed at everyones creativity.

Click HERE

After you vote come back and tell me which one is your fav! Can't wait to hear. It's going to be a close one this week!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Wood Canvas Art

So I made it to the next round in One Month to Win it people! Whoooo!! Super excited over here. The next round is styrofoam (which I had a hard time with, but it's part of the challenge right?!).

Are you wondering what project was mine? It was the Wood Canvas Art:

 I initially had a couple pallets that I was going to take apart and make a "canvas" out of. Have any of you actually tried to take one apart?!? Well lets say after 30 minutes of banging and maybe some curse words, I got nowhere and decided for plan B:
 My husband built me this out of a piece of board he picked up at Lowes. He gets bonus points for this one!
 I first took the staining medium and mixed it with the brown.
 I wiped it on and rubbed it in the board. I added a couple shades of brown.
 I then added a little bit of turquoise and silver to age it:
 I then drew on the silhouette of the chandelier:
 I then filled it in with a dark brown paint:
 On the bottom I added our wedding date in roman numerals:
 I then stenciled on this love quote I had pinned on pinterest:
 Finally I sanded her down a bit, paying close attention to the edges of the boards:

There she is all finished. I am going to hang this in our master bedroom over a dresser (that I am currently looking for).

Also, please forgive my lask of posting this week. Morning sickness and tiredness has taken over my life this week. Hopefully I willl feel up to doing more next week!


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Vote People!

It's that time in the week again where I would love if you went over to One Month To Win it and voted for your favorite project. Hopefully it's mine!!! I can't tell you which one is mine, you are going to have to guess. Come back here and let me know which one you voted for in a comment!

Fun times people! click HERE



Friday, November 4, 2011

Yard sale chair makeover

Guess what?! I made it!! Whoooo! Round two here I come! Thanks to everyone who voted for me. If you happen to visit One Month to Win it and are wondering what project was mine, it was the yard sale chair makeover.

I found this chair at a yard sale a bit back and knew it would be perfect for my entry. Remember I have been searching for a chair. It kind of helped it was only $4.00. That really won me over.

 I sanded her down slightly.
 Then took Krylon's Metallic gold and got to spraying

 I wanted a fabric back on this chair and emailed Sarah from Three Boys ( she is an upholstery genius! I just asked what she would use to upholster a back of a chair that was wood. She said Foam. How simple was that?!). So I cut out a piece of foam in the same shape as the back:
 Now for the back, I didn't want it to stick out as far as the front, so I used a piece of poster board I had on hand. I stapled this to the backside:
 I then cut out my shapes for the top front and bottom cushion:
 I then taped off my chevron pattern. Finally I used chevron in something! Yay!

 Then I broke out Krylon's black in flat and sprayed away!
 While letting the paint dry on both pieces, I stapled the foam piece to the back of the chair:
 I then stapled the back top piece to the front:
 Then trimmed away the excess fabric:
 And hot glued some trim to cover the staples:

 I then stapled just a plain cream piece of fabric to cover the posterboard on the back and put a little bit of batting in it to fill it out. I also hot glued the same trim on the back to cover the staples:
 I then stapled the bottom fabric to the cushion and screwed the seat in!
 She looks like perfection in my entry!

Thanks again for all that voted!

Also thank you thank you thank you for all your kind comments yesterday about my pregnancy news! Yay!!


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