Friday, April 29, 2011

Third times the charm

Ok so I am totally not finished with this project, but I just can't wait any longer. I am so excited how this has turned out. I started off with a console table that I bought at a thrift store for 40 dollars about two years ago (sorry no pic of the original state of the table). I then decided to paint it orange with gold stencils (ya ummmm I was going through a self discovery period):

 Can you see it sticking out there in the lower left hand corner. Yep only pic I have of it. So I then became very sick of the orange table and decided to do a brown and gold with a crackle finish. Word of the wise, if you are doing a crackle finish, do NOT use spray paint. The crackle finish won't work. Yep that's what I did. I didn't sand down this baby. I painted it gold, put a layer of crackle finish, then spray painted it brown. What happened you ask. NOTHING. I had a clumpy brown table:
 Yep, solid brown table that pretty much blended into the back of my couch. Kind of BLAH. I kept it like this for awhile before I finally couldn't take the boring table anymore. I set out on doing it right this time. So I got some stripper (ummm the kind that takes paint off furniture silly) and this is what I got after hours of scrapping:

Yeah um I emailed Cassie from Primitive and Proper (who is a furniture painting GENIUS), she suggested using mineral spirits and lots of sanding. She really gave me the encouragement I needed to keep on. Thanks for that! Especially when I had my husband saying "I'll buy you a new table if you want".  No sir! I was determined!

I sanded my little heart away. Couldn't have done it without my trusty Black and Decker hand sander. On a side note, did you know your hand goes numb when you sand for like two hours straight? Don't worry the feeling returns shortly.

When I got to this point I was doing a happy dance:
 There is light at the end of the tunnel!

 So after sanding down this baby for about 20 hours (maybe not that much), I had my husband saw off the pegs that were on the inside of the legs because I couldn't stand sanding one more thing, that's how I wanted it. I stained the top portion in ebony and painted the bottom cream. I sanded the edges to distress it a bit and finished it off with Minwax paste finishing wax. This baby is almost finished. My husband is making a shelf to go on the bottom of the table to make it more sturdy and so I can put my pretty decor on it. It will be stained ebony as well. So without further ado, I give you what happens with a little hard work and determination:

 Notice the beautiful sheen the finishing wax gives the table. Just lovely!
 Slightly distressed on the corners

 Can't wait for my shelf to be added this weekend. I will post pictures of the totally finished table next week. Thanks for looking and hopefully enjoying my table redo! I am in love!

See finished table HERE

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Low carb chicken pot pie

I LOVE chicken pot pie, but I don't love the carbs in it! We try to eat very little carbs for dinner. So I have come up with quite a few recipes that are grain-free. Remember my yummy pasta less lasagna? Check that out HERE. Here goes the recipe:

 One can of low sodium broccoli cheddar soup
 one package of chicken breasts (a little under two pounds)
 half a cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
 2 cups of broccoli ( I use frozen, but fresh would be good too)
chopped carrots
 1 cup of peas
 Put chicken in glass baking dish and cover with water. Bake at 350 for about an hour. Cut chicken in cubes on a cutting board and put in a large bowl. Cover with broccoli cheddar soup. Mix until chicken is coated. Add cheese and veggies. Mix until combined. Bake an additional 25 min at 350.


 If you want you could also add some potatoes. I have done this and it is delish! Just cut potatoes into cubes and boil until soft and add to mixture. You could replace any of the veggies. Sometimes I make it with just broccoli. I love this recipe! Yum!

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Ethan's favorite four letter word

See this cute guy right here:

 Nose mommy nose!

 Yep he is a keeper. This little guy is so adorable and has the best personality. I love spending my days with him. There is definitely NEVER a dull moment with him. Well, lately he has been obsessed with a certain four letter word. Nope it's probably not what you are thinking. This word may be worse than an actual swear word (well maybe not). The word you ask?? FART. He is loving this word for some reason. You are thinking now, "well it's not THAT bad". Ummm yes it is! Picture this. It's Monday at the grocery store. There is a packed aisle of stay at home moms doing their grocery shopping and your two year old yells out "FART MOM"! Funny right?! Wrong! Embarrassing when everyone looks at you weird. Or how about it's 7 in the morning, you are waiting for the school bus and a lone jogger comes by (of course he doesn't have a mp3 player). Your two year old yells "fart" again! What?! Is he like planning this out in his little mind. Never a dull moment son, NEVER!

How about you? Any funny/embarrassing things your little one does? Please let me know I'm not alone and make me feel better!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring dress tutorial

For Easter I made my daughter her dress. It turned out so cute. I will be a great dress for spring time:

 Love it and of course she makes it beautiful :)

 Supplies used:
Yard of blue polka dot fabric
1/2 yard of white stretchy fabric
 yard of yellow polka dot fabric
 2 yards of yellow trim
1/2 yard of blue fabric
 three buttons

 First I made the ruffle bottom of the skirt by taking six strips of fabric. I then hemmed each piece and sewed the ends together of each one to make three circles of fabric. I then cut out two pieces of the white stretchy fabric and made a tube to stitch the layers of blue polka dot circles to :

 Layer them and pleat the top two layers. Make sure not to make it too pleated or the dress won't be able to be put on.
 Do a straight stitch on all three layers of polka dot fabric.

 Now on to the belt:
 Cut out four strips of fabric. Make two tubes out of it and turn right side in. Then sew both ends together. The seam here will go on the side seam of the skirt portion. Then you will cut the fabric on one side to make the belt even:

 Do two lines of stitching to make sure it stays!
 For the top I took my daughters top measurements and added four inches. I then hemmed the top and the sides of the strip of fabric. After I marked where I wanted the buttons to be with fabric marker.
 I then sewed on the buttons and used the elastic to make little loops for the buttons to go in. I sewed the loops on by doing a zig-zag stitch about four times down the ends of the elastic. Make sure to back stitch!
 I then put under the yellow belt and stitched in to place. Make sure the back is even. You don't want the buttons to be lopsided!
 I then added the trim to the top and bottom of the dress

 Before I stitched the top portion, I made two tubes of fabric again for the halter top. I then pinned in place on front of the dress. I did a decorative stitch along the trim (which held the halter portion in place too).

 The end result again:

 So precious! I f you have any questions please let me know! This was a very confusing tutorial. I lost about half the pictures to this because my computer ate them or something! Who knows!!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Easter everyone! It is going to be a perfect day! A lot of family time and some good food :)

 Just wanted to let you know that my Ballard's inspiration chandelier painting is being featured on Knock off Decor today. I am super excited! Check it out if you get a chance! Thanks :) Both links will take you to the feature.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Pottery Barn how I love thee, let me count the ways.....

O.k. so I have been M.I.A this week, but only because I am working on two big projects. An Easter dress for my daughter (almost finished) and a furniture redo (which is turning out to be amazing). So I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorites from Pottery Barn's Bed and Bath catalog I just got in the mail. I am drooling over here.....

This is my favorite! I LOVE LOVE the chandeliers as your bedside lamps. I also adore the ruffle duvet and decorative ledge above the bed (although in reality I think I might be a little scare it would fall and take my head off at night. just sayin). This room is so romantic and cozy.
 This media console is gorgeous. I love the glass doors and the pulls just bring it together.
 Whats not to like?? The beautiful piece of furniture for a sink console? The gorgeous faucets (yes faucets can be gorgeous)? The crisp feel of the entire room? LOVE!
 Finally I really like this ledge (again over the bed, not too sure about this). Not only do I like the ledge but I love the distressed empty frames. Very nice touch!

 Someday when I am finished decorating and re-decorating my house, I will get to my Master suite. Sigh.....
Until then I will live vicariously through the pages of Pottery Barn. Why is it that the master suite is always the last to be decorated in our house? How about you?  Is it the last room you decorate in your house too?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New blog is a must read!

I just need to tell everyone about this new blog. Its about hate mail that people get on their blogs. It's super funny and a must read! Believe me you will read every post!

Boy Bunny Basket

I did an Easter basket for my daughter last week that you can view HERE. Today I finished my son's Easter basket. It turned out so CUTE!!

For this basket you are going to make the lining just like I did for the girl basket. Then you are just going to add the bunny face, bow tie, feet, tail, and handle.

 For the bunny face and paws, cut out two bunny faces and four paws out of felt:
 put both pieces of the face together and sew around the edges. Leaving an opening at top.
 Now stuff with filling and sew shut:
 Trim the edges, careful not to cut the stitching.
 Now do the same for the paws. Put both pieces together. Sew the edges, keeping an opening for the stuffing. Stuff and sew shut. Trim the edges:

 Now decorate the bunny face with stuffing, pom poms, fabric, buttons, and wiring. You are going to need your hot glue gun!
 Glue on coordinating fabric for ears and glue onto basket:
Make the bow tie by taking two rectangles of fabric and sewing together inside out. Turn to the right side and sew shut. The scrunch together in the middle and sew. now take a strip of fabric and glue in the middle:

 Now glue feet to bottom of the basket, the bow tie to the bottom of the bunny face and glue cotton tail to back of the basket:

 Now attach the handle and you are finished! I put wiring in the handle before sewing it to the basket, so it would stand on its own.

He LOVES it! He kept saying bunny bunny bunny. It's durable too. He was playing with it pretty rough. Boys!

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