Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Valentine craft

Well tomorrow is the day! I love Valentines day (I mean I don't go crazy and decorate my house head to toe with crafts or anything), but I do love making crafts with my girl. Today we made a heart shape box to put some homemade cake bites in. We will be giving this cute box to her Mini (grandma) for V-day.

 It went a little like this:

Get a cereal box

Cut four 1 inch strips out of the box

 Cut 2 heart shapes out of the box

 Now glue the strips to the top heart and the bottom heart
 Make sure that the top strip is on the very edge of the heart

Make sure the bottom strip is glued on about 1/8 of an inch in the heart

This way the box with close together

 fYI I ended up redoing the bottom one because I glued fabric to the bottom of the heart. So you may want to do that first.

 Then I glued trim around the sides and my daughter glued the fabric on the hearts. We then made some fabric flowers together and picked out a cute photo of the two of them together. We glued everything on and added some little gems.

 Here is the result:

 Now the beautiful box is awaiting the yummy cake bites.

 If you have never made cake bites before they are super easy and DELICIOUS!

 You need a box cake, a container of frosting, and some chocolate for melting.

 Bake the cake according to box. When cooked let cool for 30 min. Put in mixer and add frosting. Mix all together. You will basically have cake crumbs and frosting. Put in fridge for several hours. When cold, scoop into little balls. Then put into freezer for an hour to set.  Melt the chocolate and dip the cake bites into it with a toothpick.  If it breaks apart easy it needs to be put in the freezer longer. When all cake bites are dipped in chocolate you can decorate with sprinkles or drizzling white chocolate on the top.
(photo courtesy of google images)
If you do a google image search on cake bites you will see a bunch of really neat ideas people have done with these!

 We are going to make a strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and milk chocolate coating. YUM!!

Happy V-day everyone!


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Kim said...

what a cute Valentine! I love projects that can be made with things I already have :) I've never made these cake bites- for some reason I figured they were much harder to do! I'll have to try them out after I get closer to my weight loss goal- something tells me they are good enough that I would eat the entire batch if I made them right now!