Monday, April 4, 2011

Starburst Mirror

So I was totally M.I.A last week. Mostly because the weather was and is so amazing right now. So I have been taking advantage. I went for my run just about every day and took my son to the park a bunch. My body thanks me for it (I had been slacking a bit on my running). This little guy thanks me for it too (how can you resist playing with this cute little thing all day? You can't!)

 On with the post, I know there have been a million and one starburst (sunburst what ever you want to call it) mirrors out there. Well I just have to say, mine is not original by any means. Also, there are some out there that could seriously sell in a high end store (mine by the way is not one of them, just sayin).

 So here is what I have for you:

 The supplies:

 Two different size shims (bought them at lowes)
 Round picture frame (bought at walmart like 4 dollars)
 Round mirror (have like seven of them in a closet here. Don't ask why, because I seriously couldn't tell you. Maybe I'm some crazy mirror hoarder. You need one?)
 Hot glue gun
 Ice (for the burns you most likely will get from hot glue gun)
 black acrylic paint
silver metallic paint
 Ok so now paint all the shims and round frame black. Let dry and paint over it in the silver (gives it some dimension with the two colors). Let them dry again. Now Goop the mirror onto the round frame (you know glue it with the Goop). Then evenly space out two different lengths of shims all around mirror and use hot glue gun to glue them into place (when you have them spaced how you want them. Now carefully hang on wall (seriously the shims are very sturdy on the mirror. Think I may Goop on some kind of backing to keep in place). Lucky for me my picture frame already had a little hangy thingy so I didn't need to attach my own. Sorry for the lack of pics ( I'm a slacker).

 There is a few for you to see how the shims and round frame look.

Now here is one more pic of the after:
 I think I may spray paint it red or maybe even orange. Who knows! I'll keep ya posted :)

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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Love this!!! I think it looks great! Glad you got your run in. Run an extra mile for me, OK?

texas girl said...

those are some pretty snazzy jammies that little boy has on!! have a polo I embroiderd for him I need to drop by to you this week

Vicky said...

I love how simple it is. One of my favorites.

Shirley Fachilla said...

Hot glue guns do a zillon things. Of course, one is burn the hot glue gun user!