Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ethan's favorite four letter word

See this cute guy right here:

 Nose mommy nose!

 Yep he is a keeper. This little guy is so adorable and has the best personality. I love spending my days with him. There is definitely NEVER a dull moment with him. Well, lately he has been obsessed with a certain four letter word. Nope it's probably not what you are thinking. This word may be worse than an actual swear word (well maybe not). The word you ask?? FART. He is loving this word for some reason. You are thinking now, "well it's not THAT bad". Ummm yes it is! Picture this. It's Monday at the grocery store. There is a packed aisle of stay at home moms doing their grocery shopping and your two year old yells out "FART MOM"! Funny right?! Wrong! Embarrassing when everyone looks at you weird. Or how about it's 7 in the morning, you are waiting for the school bus and a lone jogger comes by (of course he doesn't have a mp3 player). Your two year old yells "fart" again! What?! Is he like planning this out in his little mind. Never a dull moment son, NEVER!

How about you? Any funny/embarrassing things your little one does? Please let me know I'm not alone and make me feel better!



~♥~ Sara @ Doodle Dandy ~♥~ said...

Hey I'm with you there on the embarrassment, my 2 year old is picking up so many words and he keeps shouting out 'butt' at the top of his voice, which is quite embarrassing but imagine my surprise when he say the c**p word? I later find out it has come from his older brother, whom I had strong words with!

Krysta said...

I am dying right now!! hahaha...I can picture the whole thing! It's a good thing he's so dang cute. :}

Shannon said...

Very cute dress! Love the fabric