Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The best running shorts......EVER

I love to run. I usually run 4 to 6 days a week (depending on the craziness of my week). I have been running for probably 5 years now. So, I have tried and gone through A LOT of workout clothes. I mostly like Nike and Under Armour shorts and then wear a tank for my top. I find that workout tops tend to be too thick, I like how thin tanks are (not to mention they are cheap). Well anyways, over the weekend I went to Old Navy and found these:
 They are AMAZING!! Guess what? They were on sale for 12.50 (normally 15). I would pay the regular price for these. They are officially my favorite running shorts. Why you ask? They don't ride up while you are running. This is huge! I can't stand constantly pulling my shorts down, annoying. Also, they are super light weight. I ran 3.25 miles yesterday in 87 degree weather and my shorts weren't soaking wet from sweat (I know gross, but when you workout you are bound to sweat). Finally, they don't pinch your sides. I can't stand when I get a pair of shorts that are in my size and they fit perfect, but arent flattering. Here is a pic of them on:

 Sorry for the flashy "mirror" pic! I wanted to show you that not only are these comfy, but they are flattering on. LOVE!! Now I need a pair for every day of the week. Who needs Nike and Under Armour when you can buy the perfect shorts for 15 bucks!

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Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

They are very cute. I will get a pair when I have a cute little body like yours to go with 'em!

Megan said...

Thanks, I don't normally wear shorts {unless they are bike shorts} because the are soooo annoying when they ride up! I going to go try these today, yay!

Leigh Ann said...

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the stencil at Hobby Lobby. I'm gonna have to check these shorts out for my girls, thanks for the tip. I'm your newest follower!
Leigh Ann