Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lovely day and a sneak peak into the furture

I totally had some magnificent, fabulous, and spectacular piece to share with you today. Ok maybe it's not that great, but I have been working really really hard on it, so that counts for something right? Well I am having the worst time with this project, lets just say stripping sucks. Like with a passion. Like if someone ever says to you "hey you want to come over and strip a piece of furniture with me? It will be fun!" They are big fat liars and are probably not very good friends. Just sayin. So here is a tiny little peak at what will hopefully be done before next year (I kid):
 In the mean time, I do have another product review for ya! Well it's spring time and all. The weather is gorgeous here. That means more days running and more days at the park. Today Ethan and I did both. I had a meeting at my daughter's school this morning. so bright idea, I'll run there! Yep about 3 miles there and 3 miles back. Sounded like a good idea when I started. The thing is though, when you go 3 miles in one direction you have to go BACK 3 miles in the other. Good advice......Anywho, so today I am sharing this little gadget with you:

What is it? A Strollometer. This lovely device attaches to your jogging stroller to give you detailed info about your run or walk. It tells you the time, temperature, mph you are traveling, distance you travel, time you are running/walking, avg speed, and highest speed. I LOVE this thing. It is really a motivational tool. I can see how long I have gone (or have left to go) and I can see how much effort I am putting into it. The only complaint I have about this is the MPH go from 5.4mph to 6.3mph to 7.2mph (you get the point). So there is no in between for some reason. The miles you travel are dead on though. I have measured with my car several routes I go on.

 So today I ran to my daughters school, had a meeting, played at the park after across the street and then ran home. It was really a lovely day :) Look what it ended with:
 Nap time!! Ya time to go work on my piece of furniture!



Little Miss Penny Wenny said...

You are hilarious... I am currently stipping a huge dining room table that someone decided would be brilliant to paint over in forrest green... um no thank you. I hadn't stripped a piece before this and was far too ambitious. I am now into it about 8 hours labor (hard core scraping with lots of muscle intensity) and have only stripped one leaf. This is going to be a long haul. Maybe you and I can both celebrate next year when our projects are done.

I'm hosting my first giveaway on my blog this morning and haven't had much traffic for it, would love if you'd stop by and leave a few comments, and hey you may be the lucky winner :)

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Good luck with the stripping. pfft. That sounds funny. But you know what I mean. :)

Sarah, Three Boys said...

So funny all of us furniture ladies:) I wonder how many of us are tapping out toes waiting for nap time so we can get to work on this furniture! Someone should have a link party "what did you refinish during nap time?"