Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boy Bunny Basket

I did an Easter basket for my daughter last week that you can view HERE. Today I finished my son's Easter basket. It turned out so CUTE!!

For this basket you are going to make the lining just like I did for the girl basket. Then you are just going to add the bunny face, bow tie, feet, tail, and handle.

 For the bunny face and paws, cut out two bunny faces and four paws out of felt:
 put both pieces of the face together and sew around the edges. Leaving an opening at top.
 Now stuff with filling and sew shut:
 Trim the edges, careful not to cut the stitching.
 Now do the same for the paws. Put both pieces together. Sew the edges, keeping an opening for the stuffing. Stuff and sew shut. Trim the edges:

 Now decorate the bunny face with stuffing, pom poms, fabric, buttons, and wiring. You are going to need your hot glue gun!
 Glue on coordinating fabric for ears and glue onto basket:
Make the bow tie by taking two rectangles of fabric and sewing together inside out. Turn to the right side and sew shut. The scrunch together in the middle and sew. now take a strip of fabric and glue in the middle:

 Now glue feet to bottom of the basket, the bow tie to the bottom of the bunny face and glue cotton tail to back of the basket:

 Now attach the handle and you are finished! I put wiring in the handle before sewing it to the basket, so it would stand on its own.

He LOVES it! He kept saying bunny bunny bunny. It's durable too. He was playing with it pretty rough. Boys!

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Kim said...

I love this! Very adorable!!!!

Holly said...

That is so cute, Michelle! It's going to be a cherished keepsake.

radn said...
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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I agree with Holly--cherished keepsake for sure. It is just adorable!!

Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. Hope you had a lovely Easter! :)