Friday, October 21, 2011

You have one month to win it!

Ready. Set. Go. Okay it hasn't started yet but, I am totally overly excited about it. If you're all like "What is this person talking about?" Well I mentioned briefly that I was in the One Month to Win it crafting competition. I just wanted to share with you what it is and all the juicy (is it me or does juicy sound like a weird word that I shouldn't be using on a family blog?? Okay..Just me. Moving on.) details of it all.

I have FINISHED round one which is Krylon paint. I am so excited about it. And since I am not allowed to give any hints, sneak peaks, ect, I have been sending picture messages to random people so they can "comment" on it. One response was "Holy S@#t" I kid you not. Okay I don't want to pump it up too much just in case when you do see it you're all like "Really? That's it?" Any who, Voting starts October 30th for round one. And wait one more thing, YOU can link up your themed projects every week too. So come join in the fun and vote......for me....please (you are going to have to guess which one is mine).

Week 1 Krylon Spray Paint
Week 2 Decoart products
Week 3 Styrofoam
Week 4 Christmas

It is going to be a good time! I hope I make it to the end. I have my projects all figured out for each round! Check me out over on One Month to Win it today where I answer some very riveting questions.


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Jenna said...

Hi Michelle! I can't wait to see your Krylon project! I was working on mine this morning and, like a dummy, I forgot to wear a mask so I had spray paint all in my nose and lemme tell ya, that was NOT fun. :) Good luck in the competition!

Jenna @ 2027