Monday, October 3, 2011

Stained and Distressed

If you missed it on Saturday I did a guest post on Three Boys. Go ahead and check Sarah out. She is a really sweet blogger and has amazing ideas.

On with the goods. I bought this lovely table on Craigslist for a whole 20 dollars ummmm about two months ago. It has been collecting dust in my garage (along with some other furniture waiting for me, I may or may not have a furniture hoarding problem). When Sarah asked if I could have a post done by Saturday, it was just the motivation this girl needed. So thank you again for that! I owe you ;)

Here she is all oaky and orangey (are those words?). Isn't she just beautiful!? Yeah I don't think so either. She was pleading for a makeover.

 First thing is to get some stripper and apply per directions on the can/container. Then scrape off finish with a putty knife. I then washed with soap and water. Wearing some protective gloves beacause I follow directions....most of the time.
 Now you will sand a lot.You want the top to be completely stripped. This takes a long time. When you're hands start to tingle and become numb you are almost there. Keep going. Don't worry the feeling comes back later in the day. I find if you sand at an angle and in a circle motion it comes off faster. It also doesn't leave unwanted indents.
 Just when you think you can't sand anymore, you will. Sorry. At least the bottom doesn't have to be completely stripped. Unless you are staining the whole thing. If then you may lose feeling in your arms too. Lets just go with staining the top on this one, shall we?
 Now bring it indoors if you live in the Texas inferno I live in. It was 9:30 and 90 degrees with a humidity of a million already. Stain doesn't dry very well in those conditions. Now if you are lucky to live in the midwest and have normal weather, then go ahead and stay outside. Enjoy it for me okay? I stained the top with Minwax Dark Walnut. Just one coat. That's all she needed.

 Now paint the bottom a nice creamy color. Sorry no name for this color. I mixed it up myself, I am handy like that. I did two good coats.
Let the table dry, almost. Like there may be a couple sticky parts. Trust me. Now sand down the edges
   Now mix up a glaze with the Dark Walnut, a little bit of the cream paint and some clear mixing glaze. Apply the glaze and wipe off with a dry cloth. Have a wet one handy if there is too much glaze.

As you are wiping some of the cream paint will come off in places. That's good! It will give you a nice chippy paint look.
 Apply Minwax finishing wax in a natural finish. Follow directions on the container people.
 Now apply some wipe on poly to the dried stained top. Apply another coat and another when each one dries. Sanding in between because that's what it says to do. I always do this, just joking I NEVER do this. I also have lived to talk about it :)
 Now you have a beautiful stained top with a gorgeous chippy paint finish on the bottom. High five!


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Krysta said...

Great job on the guest post! I love that piece. You are so good at refinishing furniture.

Candi said...

Awesome, I can't wait to see it all decorated up :)

Candi said...

Hey, just wanted you to know, every time I try to go to the Knock Off Decor button it takes me to "Top 10 Fantasy Celebrity Sex Scandals". I don't know if the link is broken or maybe it's just me??

Amanda said...

I love how this table turned out. I think the creamy paint with the dark stain looks dreamy! I found you over at Transformation Thursday...have a great day!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

I love it. Fabulous difference. I hope you will come by and join my Creative Things Thursday Party!

Robin said...

It looks fabulous. I really like that you painted the legs and stained the top. I love the contrast.

Rachael said...

Looks really good. You did a great job. Love the colors you chose.

shopannies said...

love the finished look great job come see what I shared at

Kimberly @ The Brown Eyes Have It said...

It looks fabulous! I too, love the contrast of the two colors.

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

another classically awesome piece! love it! i need a console table in my house... ;)

The Struggling Mama said...

Great step by step directions. It looks great! However, I don't see were it states if this was latex paint or oil based? I would like to do this with a console table of mine. Thank you