Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mirror makeover

So I have had this mirror sitting in my garage for ohhhhh about 8 months now. I thought it was about time to give her a little makeover. She deserved it after waiting so patiently for such a long time.

Here she is:

 I sanded her down slightly by hand. Nothing major
 I then taped and bagged the mirror part. I know you are super jealous of my covering skills right now.
 I then brought her out back because spray paint fumes and closed garages don't go well together. Oh and I would rather not spray paint my cabinets. I used Valspars silver metallic. It really has a great finish to it.
 Then we looked at our belly in the mirror
 Then we talked to the little boy in the mirror and made faces at him
 Then we sang the little boy our ABC's of course
I then added a clear glaze with a bit of dark walnut Miniwax stain, to give it an aged look
 Then up on the wall she went. Yeah that was probably the hardest part. There may or may not have been some bad wordishes spoken. I say wordish because when I two year old is around you try to say things like frick and darn it and cheese and rice.
 I then added a little vase and twiggy things. Voila! Complete!

It really makes the room feel complete. Hallways can be tricky sometimes and to think I had that mirror sitting there for 8 months. Wish I would have done it sooner!


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Josie said...

How pretty! I love decorating with mirrors. And that little belly is too precious. Geez, now that I know you can cover a mirror with tape and bags with such mad skills like THAT, I'm a bit intimidated. That's some hardcore stuff :)

Candi said...

Wait a minute, I thought you painted those frames black?? The ones with your pictures with the blue ribbon.

Candi said...

Oh & btw, mirror is too cute!

aimee said...

wow, gorgeous mirror, i love what you have done with it. xxx

Lisa - A Room with A View said...

It looks perfect! It's amazing how much a mirror can do for any space. And yes, I am very, very impressed with your taping skills!
Very cute post - it's exactly what one would expect when you add a child into the mix :)

Candi said...

You won't believe the mirror I got today for $2.00!!! It is VERY similar to this one. Btw, how do you tape off a mirror??

To The Moon and Back said...

Wow, the mirror looks great with the new color. What a pretty piece for your hallway. love it!

Angela @ The Not So Functional Housewife said...

You're house is beautiful! I love the chair and your little one is too cute!

Nice job on the mirror and your covering skills are perfect!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

The Not So Functional Housewife

Sarah, Three Boys said...

It looks great! Your little hallway is perfect and your little one is sooooo cute:)

Vicky said...

Oh my goodness - I have that exact same mirror in my garage. I am getting ready to paint it for my daughter's room. How funny is that?

Jenni said...

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I am also one the OMTWI Season 6 contestants. I am so excited to get rolling and just know that we are all going have a fabulous time. I cannot wait to see what all is created this round. GOOD LUCK!!

J's mom said...

Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at



Krysta said...

I love that mirror! I can't believe you had it sitting in your garage for that long either. Did you not have anything in that corner before? I don't remember, but it is perfect now.

codigo promocional said...

After the Mirror makeover the mirror look attractive in the room.Baby doing masti with mirror is look so cute and sweet.I really like this pics.