Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Make your own announcements

March is my baby's birthday month. I am so excited to do some crafty things for his special day. He is going to be 2. Oh my goodness does time fly!! So be assured that over the next couple weeks you will be getting some tutorials related to parties. Who doesn't love a good party though?!

 For my first project I made some birthday announcements. I didn't do invitations because it will be just family at my home. I did however want to let friends and relatives know of his special day, especially since we have a lot of long distance relatives. Supplies needed:

  1.  Pack of card stock paper (bought mine at walmart for $5.00 for a booklet)
  2. Photo paper
  3. Ribbon (bought mine for $1 at walmart)
  4.  Buttons (Walmart again for $2)
  5.  Hot glue gun
  6. Needle and thread
  7. Sewing machine (I sewed on the ribbon, but if you don't have a sewing machine you could use hot glue gun for this)

First thing I did was take some cute pictures of my baby and adjusted the exposure a bit in my photo program (wish I had photoshop!).
 This is Ethan all the way. Happy little boy who just adores the outdoors! I printed out two pages of wallet size photos, giving me 18:

 Next I went into my word program and wrote out his name and birthday in my desired font. I also made a little tab that says: "look who's turning two". I printed this out on photo paper:
 On the name and date portion, I used decorative scissors to cut them out. I also cut off the floral part on the red tab (too girly I think).

 I then took the card stock and cut out four squares from each page. I measured the width of the square and added a half inch and cut out strips of ribbon. Then I made a backing for the photo using coordinating card stock paper. Finally, I picked out three buttons. So this is what you should have:
So now put everything into place to see how it looks:
 You like? Me too! So now sew the ribbon down with your sewing machine (or hot glue it if you want). Then, by hand, sew on the buttons. Then use your handy dandy hot glue gun to put everything else in place. Now you have some pretty swanky announcements that are sure to impress all!

So you could totally do these for anything really. Birth announcements, invitations, baby shower, bridal shower......The list goes on! Thanks for stopping by.


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texas girl said...

soo cute I still cant believe ethan is going to be two!! it feels like yesterday that we had your baby shower and were visiting you at the hospital! I have to stop talking about this now I am tearing up because I am a crazy hot mess!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I know so crazy! I may cry on his birthday :( Time goes by way too fast. Makes me want to have another one ;) well maybe in a year.....

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh wow! Those are adorable and he is a cutie patootie!

Polly said...

Those beat any store bought card for sure! Very cute. Your blog name caught my eye because of a dresser makeover I just did. Thought you might be interested. :)

Amanda said...

Too cute and he's got the best birthday! (just happens mine is the same day!) You mentioned wanting photoshop- go here for a free online version called Express from Adobe: www.photoshop.com/tools. Looks great!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love the buttons and ribbon at the bottom. Embellishments like that really make a page pop! Very cute. :)

Thanks so much for linking up to my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

Mommyto3andahusky said...

Great announcements! :) I became a follower of your blog! :)