Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deal of the century!!!

Ok maybe not the century, but really I was super excited about this (but take into account that you're talking to someone that does a happy dance when the new Pottery Barn catalog comes in the mail). Anyways, so I was at Walmart last night and I perused through the clearance rack (which I will do more often from now on) and I found some hoodies for................ONE DOLLAR!!! Whoop whoop! I was so excited I grabbed one in each color:

See, proof that it's marked one dollar:
 (yes I am aware that the tag says Miley Cirus, but really it only says it on the tag inside the hoodie. My secrets safe with you right?)

 I was apprehensive as I approached the checkout. hmmmmm maybe these were just marked wrong. Right?! I headed to the uscan and scanned the first one. JACKPOT! One dollar baby!! I did the happy dance in my head (didn't want to scare anyone).

 So I gave the purple and pink ones to my daughter and kept the black and blue ones for myself. So run to Walmart like right now. Seriously what are you waiting for???!! Hurry before they are gone! Check out my next post today for what I did with the pink hoodie for my daughter!



Kim said...

what a great deal! I always check out those clearance racks too- sometimes you can really score :) I can't wait to see you work your magic on your daughters hoodie :)

Josie said...

Hahaha you've got such a cute personality! Happy dance in your head :) I LOOOVE browsing clearance items. And Pottery Barn catalogs definitely make me happy--a lot happier than when the Victoria's Secret catalog comes in the mail FOR SURE!

Janet said...

I felt the exact same excitement the first time I happened on the Wal-mart winter clearance sale too! I bought all of my kids shirts and hoodies for the next fall and only paid $1 for each item as well. Ya, I was doing a happy dance in my head too! Better believe it. :)