Thursday, March 3, 2011

A cute belt for a cute little boy

Is anything cuter than this:
 I think not! You really can't get much cuter than this guy (bias mom talk here). Well any ways I have had my sewing machine for over a month now and realized I haven't made a single thing for my little man yet. Well in my defense making girl stuff is pretty easy because there are so many possibilities. So what did I make this cute little guy you ask? A belt of course! Poor thing is always having his paints fall down, so really this project was a must!

 1/4 yard of cool dude fabric
 A couple cool dude buttons
 One D ring (found at Jo Anns)
 One magnetic button clasp (found at the purse creating section at Jo Anns)

Alright now that we have our supplies here we go! First I measured around a pair of jeans that fit him well (aka don't fall off his little booty). 20 inches there, then added 6 inches for where it will fold over. I then took the strip of fabric and folded it over to make the width 1 1/2 inches. I folded this over two more times and ironed it down. My fabric was pretty thin, so that's why I folded it over three times. If you were using a denim or a thicker fabric folding over once would probably suffice. 
 I kept the excess fabric hanging off and sewed down both sides of the impending belt. I then cut the excess fabric off as close to the seem as possible. I did this so it would fray a bit and give a little edginess to the belt.

So now I took the magnetic clasp and pull the two pieces apart. I cut out two small squares of fabric to hold the pieces on. I then made two mall holes to fit the clasps through. 

 Now take this piece and sew it onto the belt 6 inches in from the end:
 Now take the other piece and put it on a square piece of fabric, just like you did for this one. Then sew it on the end of the belt:
 Now take a D ring and sew it on the other end of the belt:

 Make sure to back stitch on this one! Boys are pretty wild and crazy sometimes, just sayin.

 Now take your cool dude buttons and sew them on the belt where you seem fit. The end result:

 I totally would have a pic of him wearing the finished product, but he is going through this very opinionated stage were he won't take off what he is wearing. Right now he has on some Buzz Light Year pajama pants with a Buzz T-shirt. I think I may never get them off of him. He is totally obsessed. Ha! Oh well pick your battles right??!

Ps. Notice I have 100 followers now! I am so excited!! Thank you everyone for making me feel interesting :)


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Michelle said...

What a great idea! I will have to make this soon!! Visiting from Paisley Passions and I am a new follower!
Have a great day!

Josie said...

He is a VERY cute little boy! And he's very lucky to have such a crafty mom :)

Robyn said...

Michelle, that's a super COOL belt and your little man is adorable! Thanks for your sweet comments on my party goodies! Hey, I'm your newest follower!