Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cupcake toppers and place to display them

This weeks theme is Cars and Birthdays. So stay with me and we will soon be back to crafting and sewing projects :) Hopefully I can inspire a few of you out there for your kiddos upcoming birthdays! I have done quite a bit for Ethan's birthday, so I am going to start doing two tutorials in each post (that way I will get it all in this week).

 Today I am going to show you some cupcake toppers and a cupcake stand I made from dollar store parts.

 Cupcake toppers:

 Cupcake stand:
 Alright so first with the cupcake toppers (which are super easy by the way).
 You will need:
 checkered felt
 red acrylic paint
 hot glue gun
 lollipop sticks
 first cut out 12 circles and 12 squares in the felt:
 I used spongebob cup as an outline for a circle :)
 When you are finished paint on your numbers and letters ( I used an E for Ethan and 2 because he is turning two).  Now glue two pieces together with a lollipop stick between them.

 So now on to the cupcake stand. I bought all supplies from the dollar store (except the goop, hot glue, and paint which I already had):

two silver plates
 pie pan
card stock
 incense container (yep found an empty incense container at the dollar store, weird)
 metallic paint
 red paint
 hot glue gun

 First cut up the incense container into three parts in differing sizes:
 Paint with metallic paint:
 Glue on the washers:

 Now stack the plates, gluing together with Goop:

 Now cut out two squares in your card stock ( I used decorative scissors for the edges). Glue them together and paint both sides:

 Decorate with washers and whatever saying you want on it. I chose Pit Stop. I glued three sticks on the back of the card and set it in the tube on top.

 Perfect cupcake stand for my big boys Cars themed Birthday :) Now it just needs those yummy cupcakes!

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Krysta said...

CUTE cupcake stand! What a great idea.

Hyphen Interiors said...

Cute! Thank you so much for checking out my post on Remodelaholic!! I appreciate your comment. Wow, I see a visitor (on the right) is from Tomball, TX - that's where I grew up!