Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A rustic clock knock off

It's knock off week people! Okay not really, but I'm on a roll. Sorry Pottery Barn, you are just so inspiring. Shouldn't you be taking this as a compliment? Have you seen this clock:

 I love it! It has a rustic feel to it, which will look perfect in my guest bathroom. I know, it's still not done. Pictures soon okay?? Anywho, I found this wood plate at Goodwill awhile back for $1.99 and swooped it up.

Wood plate
leather strips
clock kit
hot glue gun
 I stained it a dark walnut and let it dry:
 I then got some tacs and leather at Hobby Lobby. The tacs are in the upholstery section and the leather is in the jewelry making section. I marked off where they would be evenly spaced and used a mallet to hammer in the tacs. I then cut the leather into strips to make roman numerals. I adhered them with my hot glue gun:
 I then had my husband drill a hole in the middle of the plate (I could have done this myself, but I wanted my hubs to feel needed ;) I then put together the clock kit, I also got at Hobby Lobby. There you have, my version, of Pottery Barns rustic clock:

She works too!I absolutely love it and it totally goes with the beachy rustic theme I have going in my guest bathroom now. Little sneak peak of my new guest bath color behind the clock. Don't mind the cream in the background, still touching up paint. We are finishing up painting tonight.......hopefully.


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Josie said...

I want, I want, I want!! It's funny cuz when I was younger (and knew nothing about the DIY bloggy world) I used to go to stores like PB, Z gallerie and wonder how the heck I could ever afford all their stuff. Now, when I go to those stores I wonder, "Hmm, how can I replicate this for a fraction of the price??" Haha. This clock is darling. My mother in law gave me a rustic clock that I've been wanting to makeover. It's got a BIIIIG rooster on it. Ha! No ideas yet.

Lindsay said...

Such a great idea! I love the whole look of it! Fun project!

I'd love to have you share this at Show & Share!


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Two thumbs up!! What a fantastic knock-off!!

Chris said...

Oh how I LOVE a good PB knock off! This is just fantastic! Way to go. Thanks so much for sharing!

little miss maison said...

it looks fab what a great idea i love it xx