Thursday, June 30, 2011

A restraining order perhaps?

On myself, from my desserts board on Pinterest. Seriously people I have a problem. Can you block yourself from a certain site on the internet (seeing as I obviously have no self control).  Last week I made some chocolate chip cookies stuffed with oreos. Yes you heard me right.  I gave a bunch away to neighbors and then made my husband take some to work. They were ridiculous! Two cookies in one:

Find the recipe at Picky Palate

Then this week I made some homemade caramel delight girl scout cookies. Oh yum! The cookie plain was amazing:

Find the recipe at Baking Bites

I started off just pinning to a recipes board and now my desserts have a whole board of their own. I think I have a little over 25 desserts pinned. They all just look so lovely. I either need to start getting invited to a bunch of parties or making my neighbors some weekly goodies. I just love to bake.

Any who, I have a little sneak peak for what I have been working on (that isn't related to immense amounts of sugar):

Can't wait to get this beauty finished. She has been sitting in my garage for 6 months because I am a slacker I have been so busy ;)  Hopefully the outside will be finished today.



Amanda said...

No,no, no! You can't get a restraining order, just think of the public service you are doing for everyone else by finding and sharing all these yummy treats!

Josie said...

You see? this is why I was afraid to join Pinterest. I would probably get fat just looking at the dessert pics. I haven't really had time to play around w/ my Pinterest acct yet but I'm ready to get addicted to yet another site :) I'm currently addicted to Facebook, blogger (of course!), Crossfit forums and Chictopia ( --have you heard of that?'s a drug!) I think I can manage to squeeze Pinterest into my schedule hehe!