Monday, June 20, 2011

I think I need an assistant!

Maybe just for the week. Is there like a hotline for temporary assistants? They also have to work for the pure joy of being around me and my kids because I doubt I could actually afford their real pay. Let a girl dream OK?

So being a stay at home mom or just a mom for that matter, we can't ever get sick and definitely can not get injured. If we do (when we finally do get ourselves out of bed), we find our living room looking like this:

Yep that's what I walked into today! Am I sick you ask? No, I wish I had a cold or even the flu sounds more enticing than this. I pulled something in my lower back this weekend. AWESOME! So I have been suped up on Ibuprofen and Icey hot all day. I know it's just too exciting.  It basically hurts to move. You know what stinks more than having a messy house? I probably won't be able to workout all week. This is like a lifetime to me!

I am so thankful that my daughter is so much older than my youngest. She has helped me out so much today. Another up side is Ethan has given me like a million kisses. Saying "back hurt?" then "better?" after he kisses me. Aww! Thankful for the two cutest, sweetest kids ever! I guess they make up for the fact my butt is basically going to get huge this week (haha kidding) and my house is trashed. Oh well it will give my husband something to do when he gets home ;)

So what do you do when you are sick/injured??! Any tips or tricks you have for me to make this week a little less "painful"?



Josie said...

Oh no! That sounds like me 3 weeks ago. I hurt my back doing deadlifts and was out of the gym for a week. It killed. I didn't care that my house was a mess...i just felt fat lol. Glad you had your daughter helping out. Oh i can't wait for Jason (or anyone for that matter) to help me around the house haha! Hope you feel better soon. Awww baby booboo kisses are the best! Oh and thanks for the Pinterest invite. I plan on joining and starting this week...I've just been busy busy busy planning fathers day stuff, jason's bday party and my mom-in-law's party. *sigh* so tired! FEEL BETTER!

Shirley Fachilla said...

So sorry you have a bad back. Argh! Back problems are the worst. Just take it easy and let it get better. Layne can handle things for awhile. (And it sounds as though you have two great medical assistants!)