Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A purse tutorial...finally

Ok so I still can't find my camera cords any where! Ugh! They never mattered before because my other laptop had a slot where I just put my memory stick in. Unfortunately, my laptop is on the fritz (don't ask!). So I have been using like a six year old laptop, that for some reason doesn't have a slot for a memory stick?!? I will be looking on Ebay today for some new camera cords. Hopefully?!

How am I going to do a tutorial then you ask? Well I took pictures on my phone of the pictures on my camera. I know they are not the best quality pics, but you got to work with what you have right?! Until I get new cords I probably will be using my phone as my camera for crafts and what not.  Alright enough talk. Here is my tutorial for this lovely summer tote:

You are going to need:
A yard of main fabric
3/4 yard of fabric for lining
1/2 yard fabric for ruffles
1 1/2 yards of piping
1/4 yard of fabric to cover piping with
coordinating thread

Cut out four pieces of fabric that measure 14 1/2 inches by 18 1/2 inches. Make sure the sides and bottom are rounded a bit.
 Cut out two pieces (in each fabric) of 6 by 14 1/2 inch strips. Then one piece (in each fabric) of 6 by 11 inch.
 Then you are going to need six strips of fabric to make ruffles with. They are going to measure 30in, 28 in, 20in for the left side of purse. Then 16 in and 12 in for the right side. the width of every strip will be six inches. Ruffle the fabric by folding in half and doing a straight stitch down the side at a high stitch length ( I put mine on 5). Now take the top stitch and pull until the ruffles fit properly on front of purse.
 Take longest strip and sew doing a zig zag on the very edge to stop the ruffles edge from fraying
 Flip up the top ruffle and sew the second ruffle the same way.
 Then the third
 Now fold edges under and trim. Then sew into place
 Repeat on opposite side with the smaller strips of ruffle

 Now your ruffles are finished
 Attach the sides and bottom together with both front and back pieces. Just follow along the edges and keep it straight. make sure its inside out.
 For the piping cut a strip of piping and fabric that equal the curcumference of the purse top. Should be about 36 inches.
 sew fabric on piping by using a zipper foot and sewing as close to the piping inside the fabric as possible. Now attach to the top of the purse. Make sure the frayed part of the piping is on the inside portion.
 Turn right side
 cut out strips for the straps. You will need four 3 by 34 in strips of fabric for handles. Then four 3 by 6, four 2 by 9, four 4 by 4.
 this is the 3 by 6. you fold the end in and the top parts down. Use an iron to press.
 this is the 2 by 9 flod twice. press, then sew into place.
 take tab on the 3 by 6 piece and fold the 2 by 9 strip under it. sew into place
 Repeat the above process three more times with remaining fabric.

onto the straps. Fold the 3 by 34 strips in half. press with iron.
 Put one piece on top of the other and sew both sides. Repeat for second strap.
 now attach the other portion you made to the strap
 Press 4 by 4 strips with iron and attach both piece together. This will hide any mess. Sew a straight stitch on the bottom and top.

 repeat on other side of strap. Then repeat whole process for othe strap.

Attach to purse by sewing around the whole bottom rectangle. Also sew at the very top of the strap to hold into place. Make sure straps are even on both sides.

 Make pockets for inner lining by cutting out both fabrics. sew around the edges of both pieces inside out until you get to last corner. Turn right way and sew across.
 Attach pieces to purse by doing a zigzag stitch around the bottoms and sides of the pockets. Make sure to backstitch on the ends. You will be tkaing things in and out of those pockets on a daily basis and you want them srong!.
 Make lining into purse form just the way you made outer portion. Now insert into outer portion of purse. Fold in frayed edges and pin inot place.
 Do a straight stitch around the entire top to hold into place.
 Lovely pockets!
I love this purse! I have been using it every day. We have also been going to our community pool every day (because it's been over 100. ugghhh!). This bag has been a great pool bag. It is so roomy and I just love all the storage to keep things in place.


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The Lawrences said...

cute bag! love the ruffles!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Ok, now you have me wanting to make a purse. Put this one on the list, jeez!