Friday, January 28, 2011

Who stole my zipper??

So I set out to accomplish several different things today and failed :( I first tried to finish my cushion cover to my bench. I went to sew on the zipper and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE! Where is my zipper you ask? I really would like to know how a 20 inch white zipper can POOF be gone. I think it may have something to do with this little guy:

He just looks like he is up to something doesn't he? Fortunately he is way to cute to get mad at. Besides, I'm sure a month from now he will be carrying the zipper around like "What? Were you looking for this?". So due to the disappearance of the said zipper I could not finish my cushion cover....long sigh (good excuse huh?!).

So I set out on another task: Make curtains for my kitchen. I made two of them (they turned out lovely) and didn't have enough fabric for the third window ( sigh again). So I would rather not do a post about that until the final curtain is made.

 So here is what I have for you today, I was inspired by a recent post I saw at a link party. A woman took one of those digital frames and decorated it with scrapbook paper and ribbon flowers (see her version here).
 What a great idea! I have one of those in my study and seriously how boring can you get?? So, any who I took some scrapbook paper and traced out the shape of the frame. I then cut out where the opening was. I also added another layer of paper on the inner part of the frame. I used spray adhesive to bind it to the frame. Then I took a stem of flowers and cut the flowers off. I heated up my trusty side kick (hot glue gun) and glued on the flowers. Here is the end result (much more appealing than the boring black frame):

Happy glueing!



Glamour Girl said...
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Glamour Girl said...

How could you blame such a thing on such a cute little guy!! Love your frame!

Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

Fabulous makeover on the frame!! I love it! Thank you so much for the link love. :)

texas girl said...

look at that sneaky smile you know hes got that zipper stashed some where! we have the same from I think matt sparents gave it to us and got layne one to I have been thinking about doing something to ours to its sooo boring!

Kim said...

What a cutie pie he is! I love the makeover on the frame- it's so beautiful now :)