Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I've been framed

I love grouped together photos, pictures, paintings, and frames. Eclectic is a great style in my opinion. One thing I love to do around the house, to display art, or just add interest to a bare wall, is hang a bunch of frames. For this project I got five open back frames, on sale at hobby lobby, and five canvases (also on sale), then three different fabrics that I found pleasing to the eye. I wrapped each canvas in the three different materials and then framed them out with the different size frames. I think it adds a lot of fun to a once boring wall.

Here are some other areas of my home that I have made photo and art walls. I just love the look of these!

Add some personality to your walls and get to framing! Happy crafting!


1 comment:

Glamour Girl said...

Love your choice of color and styles for your materials and frames. The unattached frames are fantastic!