Friday, January 21, 2011

Unexpected finds

I have been looking at light fixtures for awhile now online, at lowes, home depot, and the list goes on. I absolutely do not like the fixture in my guest bathroom. As you know, lighting can be quite expensive. After not really finding something I liked at a good price, I thought why not just change the glass covers on the fixture!?! Great idea! So I went to Lowes to check them out. The cheapest ones were $6.00 and they weren't what I wanted. Those things can get pricey! The ones I really liked were $12.00 a piece. At four new glass fixtures, you're talking $48.00. I changed my mind and decided to just wait. I can live with the one I have for now.

I went to a Goodwill I have never been to before a couple days ago and low and behold four beautiful glass fixtures! Oh yes! The price on these $4.99 for ALL of them. So the moral of this story is, make sure to check all your options before buying brand new. There might be just what you're looking for at your local thrift store.

 Here is the glass fixtures I had up before (sorry I forgot to take a picture of them up, I got too excited):

Here is the after pic of the new ones installed:

Love it! Much more fitting with my decor! My next project in here is too frame out the giant mirror.

 What color do you think the frame should be: brown or cream (distressed)? Comments and suggestions are always appreciated!

 Happy Friday everyone!!



Glamour Girl said...

I saw your post on Better After!! Awesome girlfriend...keep up the great posting!!

Kim said...

don't you just love it when you can find something just as great that doesn't break the bank! The new fixtures look fantastic! I think distressed cream around your mirror would look really pretty with that shower curtain I spy a little peek of :)

Kathy Loves Pink said...

I am a HUGE Good Will shopper. May I congratulate you on your treasure! They look great with your fixture.

What is really neat about the whole process is now you can give your old shades to Good Will and someone ELSE will find them as treasure. Love it!