Friday, January 14, 2011

dishes and glasses for decor

A friend of mine made some super cute display dishes out of some candles sticks and tea plates. Ever since I saw them I thought, I really need to try and make these sometime. At a recent trip to my local goodwill, I found a stack of five milk white plates for 2.99. Perfect! As I was looking around, I didn't see any decent candle sticks, but I saw a ton of small crystal glasses. At .79 cents a piece I was sold! I found four matching glasses and one slightly larger glass (which would be the center plate of course). A little bit of strong glue and some perfectly aligned plates, Here is what I have:

The perfect center piece for my table! I love that I can change out the candles and display other things on the little plates. Pretty good for $6.94!

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 Happy glueing!


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Glamour Girl said...

How beautiful that looks when its all lit! Terrific and creative idea...keep them coming!