Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Add some bling to your chairs

I am currently working on a little uplift in my kitchen. Nothing drastic, just sprucing it up a bit. Going to paint the kitchen a nice deep aqua and distress the island. Also going to add new decor to coordinate with my new colors.

Here is a before picture of my kitchen:

I love this space! It is seriously a dream kitchen, I am just sick of the color scheme.

One of the first projects I am working on is adding some nail head trim to the back of the chairs. I found some for a good .99 a box of 25. It takes about 2.5 boxes per chair. times four chairs, and we have ten boxes of nail heads.
Not bad results for $10


 Happy hammering!


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Robyn @ said...

What a big difference a small detail makes! How to you affix the trim to the chairs?