Monday, August 8, 2011

My weekend project revealed

So I started using Twitter. Yes people I know I am so far behind, but I really never intended to open a twitter account. I just thought it would be yet another thing to suck in my time (which it is, in a good happy place kind of way). Vivienne from The V-spot totally convinced me. Sweet gal she is! I love her blog! She said it has been great for her blog and I thought "why not?" I am really glad I did. I can't believe how much more I get to hear from blogs I love. Little sneak peaks at what they are doing and updates when they post. It's inspiring people! I don't know as of yet if it's going to be benificial for my blog personally, but I am liking it for myself. So if you are on twitter, please come join me for updates and sneak peaks at what I'm doing :) It will be fun! Click HERE to follow me or the twitter button on my side bar.

Alright so on to what I did this weekend. This project took all weekend and even flowed into this morning. I am officially finshed (ish). I say "ish" because I may change up the decor seen on the shelves. This is what I have for ya! A little before pic first, focus on the dark brown curtains and window:


Do you jsut love it?!?! I do! It feels bigger and brighter in my living room. I am really enjoying the change. I may alter the decor on the shelves a bit still. I just used what I had on hand.

 Read along this week for a tutorial on how I built the shelves, how I made the curtains, and some tips on how to paint ceramics. It will be a great week of tutorials!


Shelving tutorial

Curtain tutorial


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Lisa - A Room with A View said...

The new curtains make a huge difference..they turned out great!

Megan said...

I really love it, it's brightens up the room! Fabulous job!

Meghan said...

Awesome idea! I can't say I have ever thought of putting shelves above curtains, it looks great! Love the curtains too!

Krysta said...

Great job!! It makes a huge difference. I think you whipped that out pretty quick actually. I can't wait to see how you made them.

Sue said...

You have totally opened up your room by replacing those dark curtains, Michelle! Looks good. Ya know, you are never ever REALLY done! I laugh because I often visit a client's house and do a little more tweaking or suggesting! LOL Thanks for visiting. You DO have a big clock! Mine was originally a cocktail table. It came into our store with the glass top damaged; and rather than throw it away after we were shipped a new piece of glass, I brought the clock home. Perfect and free! Take care. ~ Sue

Maggie said...

Love the look of your room, especially the large clock on the mantlepiece.
A great statement piece.
Thanks for stopping by,

The Doodler said...

You're fireplace totally stands out more. I like the new lighter look and the creative idea to put shelves up there too! Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through the sugar bee crafts link party and I'm your newest follower!

Brie from

Jamie said...

brilliant!!!! I love the shelf on top... great job

To The Moon and Back said...

Great transformation! Amazing what a change of window panels can do. And I absolutely love the shelf...adds great height to your windows.