Friday, August 12, 2011

Put your hands up and step away from the spray paint!

 I may have a little obsession with spray painting this week. If you follow me on Twitter you would know this already. Get with it people!  Maybe it's the fumes ha ha he he eh errrr, but I got a bit trigger happy. I really need to take a break from spray painting.....Anywho, me and spray paint have always had such a love hate relationship. Sometimes things turn out so good and other times they are a drippy horrible spray painted mess. Like they were way better off before. Not this time! The planets were all alligned correctly and the sun was shining ( I mean really shining, I live in Texas it's like 105 here), and there was a nice perfect breeze (ok that's a lie, there was no breeze. I don't even know what I breeze feels like anymore. It's so HOT). Alright where was I? So I went crazy with Valspars lovely Hotel Vanilla spray paint. It's truly as divine as it sounds. Check it out for yourself:

Notice all the brown, red, and orange before (very little cream)

 I started off just painting the two frames, but I liked the color so much I started going nuts!
 Now after:

 I liked the pops of cream alot. So I went out and bought another can of the scrumptous Hotel Vanilla and tackled this. It just wasn't looking right all dark and black. It actually bothered me from the beginning.
 So much better! Don't you think?!

Loves it! Notice the vase on the bottom shelf with the jute and design? Well stay tuned for the tutorial on that Monday.

Oh by the way, I know a lot of you are wondering "where is Five Questions Friday?" I got a ton of emails begging for it and telling me there day just wasn't complete. Just joking, I didn't get one email. Not one! Wooo I feel better! Anyways, Five questions Friday will resume next week, in case your life really isn't complete without it.


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Krysta said...

It looks so bright and clean! I'm glad you tried it and shared your love. I hate trying new colors. You just never know how it's going to turn out. Great job!

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Gotta love some white spray paint. It really brightens the space, LOVE!!

Arya said...

I just LOVE spray paint - it has helped me transform objects into things that I despised into items I just love!