Monday, July 25, 2011

A lovely picture display

As you know I am working on adding blue to my living room. Oh you don't know? Well look HERE to get up to date, OK? Over the weekend I worked on something BIG! Sorry I won't be sharing that today. I know I am such a teaser. In between working on the big project, I did a little photo display wall with my family pictures I just had taken.

So, I have been looking for picture frames for a bit now. I already had this display hung up and perfect in my head. I just happen to go into Michaels on Saurday, which by the way, I haven't in a long time. I thought I would check out their frames, even though it would probably be more than I wanted to pay. Seriously people I am not paying 20 dollars for a little 4x6 frame, especially when I need 4 of them! Well, I just happen to browse their clearance and found frames for 2.99 each!!! Oh yeah! Doing my happy dance (of course in my head, don't want people thinking I'm nuts). They were normally 21.99 and down to 2.99. It was like meant to be!! I am actually thinking about going to buy some more. I know I will need frames for something later!

Alright, I had some ribbon left over from my mantle makeover I did last week. Then I wanted to do a little plaque saying "Sailer Family". So during some spare time I just happen to come across this little tutorial on Pinterest about printing on fabric (In case you are new here, I am addicted to Pinterest and my husband has now called it pimpstress. Whatever that means, but it makes me smile) YES!! You need to check out the tutorial HERE. The uses for this will be incredible! Can you tell I'm excited?!

Now all I needed was the pictures. Since I am so impatient and can't wait for the ones I ordered online, I just printed out some "fillers" until the nice ones get here. Alright so not that you have heard me ramble on and haven't just scrolled down to the pictures, right?? Here is my little photo wall, with some touches of blue:

 This chair is either going to be re-upholstered or perhaps a lovely slipcover? We shall see!

I printed the "Sailer Family 2011" on canvas material.  I will definitely be using the printing on fabric for many things in the future. I really love this whole display! The blue in the pictures and in the ribbon, is just what my living room needed.

By the way, the reason I am not showing the surrounding area in the pic is because the project I am working on is right next to this picture display! Stick around for that!


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Josie said...

It is lovely indeed! & I love that ribbon, I think I've told you before but I'll say it again! That red pillow is beautiful too. This gives me the itch to put more picture frames up on our walls. I can't wait to print out pics from South Carolina and frame them. And I might have to hunt down that ribbon!!

Krysta said...

How fun to print on fabric. That is a great idea!