Monday, July 18, 2011

Itty bitty dress with a ruffle trim

Remember my Itty Bitty dress that I made last week? I got the pattern from Made-by-Rae. Well anyways, I made yet another cute little dress with the pattern. For this one I added a rosette, crystal button, and a tulle ruffle trim. The result, just too darn cute:

So for the bottom trim I just unfolded the bias tape, then made a long ruffle strip with the tulle folded in half, and attached the tulle to the bias strip. Then I pinned it to the bottom of the dress and sewed in place.

For the rosette, I took a long strip of fabric and folded it into a thin strip. I then twisted it over and over to form a little rosette. Then I sewed around the rosette to keep in place. After, I sewed trim to the dress. I hand sewed on the little crystal button.

Since this is yet another gift for my husband's cousin, I also made a little diaper cover for the dress. I used the pattern from Dana Made It.

Here is the darling outfit together:

Isn't it just perfect!?! If this doesn't give you baby fever, I don't know what will! I also added a little ruffle trim to the front of the diaper cover to give it that extra something. You could do a lot with both of these patterns. Creativity is endless people!


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Krysta said...

Adorable! You are so talented! I wish I was good at the sewing machine like you...but then again, I really don't need one other hobby. That's what friends are for! :)

Sarah, Three Boys said...

So cute! And so girly. Love it.

Shirley Fachilla said...

The cousin and the cousin's mom will love it. It will certainly bring out her big brown eyes.

Style, She Wrote said...

Great dress! Thanks for the review. You may also like this one... My niece loved it! xo style, she wrote