Friday, May 6, 2011

Another purse and a tutorial

Well I didn't get to posting a tutorial on my Anthro knock off purse yesterday, because I showed a pic to my mom and she said "I want one"! So being that Mother's day is Sunday and I hadn't bought her a gift yet, I said "Sure"! So I spent my free time yesterday and this morning making her the purse, which I will be mailing today. Yeah she won't get it by Sunday, but at least it's something she will love :) I made hers a bit different than mine. For one I lined the inside pockets to make them nicer and sturdier. I also did a clutch handle on hers. Oh and used a fabulous green fabric (I think I like hers better than mine!). So here is another knock off Anthropologie bow purse (tutorial to follow pics)

 Don't you just love that green fabric! I do!

 Alright so now I am a semi pro at making this purse. Anybody else want one?!?! I would love to make you one, really I would, but how about I tell you how to make one! Supplies:

 One yard of duck cloth
 One yard of Fabric pattern of your chose
 Cream thread
 Purse straps (super cheap at Jo-anns The one on my purse was $3 and the one on my mom's was $2.00)

So first you are going to cut out your pattern:
 width = 16" height = 15"  be sure to curve the edges like I did. Double fabric so you cut out to identical pieces. Then fold in half vertically to make sure both sides are symmetrical.
 Follow the outside curves to make the side pieces
 Make a kidney like shape for bottom piece

 Make identical pattern in coordinating fabric.

 Now measure the edges around the duck cloth front piece. Just the two sides and the bottom. and cut a strip of coordinating fabric and piping. Now stitch piping inside coordinating fabric:

 attach to both the front piece and the back piece of the duck cloth.
 When both pieces are finished add the sides and bottom piece to one of the big pieces:
 Be sure that you have the raw edges together flipped to the inside of the purse. Now stitch all edges.

 Now you are going to attach the bottom piece to the side pieces. Don't worry if there seems to be extra fabric on the side piece. You will just trim it when you are done sewing. Just make the purse symmetrical.

 Now attach other big piece:

 Turn right side
 Make sure all seams are secure and make pleats on the front and back and both sides. Secure with bins and sew into place:

Make pockets that you want by making squares. I recommend doing the coordinatng fabric on the back like I did in the green purse. It gives it a nice finished look. You can also sew down the middle of one pocket to turn it into two or make it into three or four sections by sewing seams down. Just depends on how much storage you want.

Take  the coordinating fabric and make the same purse you just made out of duck cloth minus the piping. Much faster this time around!

 Keep coordinating fabric inside out and insert into duck cloth portion:

 Fold edges in and sew down. Don't worry about the raw edges because the thick trim will cover it.

 Now take a 9" thick strip of fabric that fits the length around the rim of the purse. Hem all edges!

 Attach to top of purse and fold in and attach to inside. Make sure it is even all around the purse and in the insde:

 Stitch a straight seam all around the purse. Be sure to back stitch. Always!

 Now make a bow out of fabric and attach to purse. Make bow by taking two rectangles and hem the edges. Attach two pieces and scrunch up in the middle and stitch (sorry didn't take pics of this. please ask any questions if you are confused). Now take a square of fabric and attach to bow to make the "knot".  attach to the purse by sewing down a square in the 'knot" and by stitching the ends of the bow to the purse.

 To attach the handles take two tubes of fabric and fold over rings to hold in place:
 Stitch into place about four or five times. This needs to be very secure on there. It will have to take the weight of whatever to hold in your purse!

 Now relish in the fact that you made your very own simply adorable purse! Also makes a great diaper bag! I put some snacks and diapers and wipes in mine yesterday for Ethan. Is was perfect!

 Here are your two options again (you could change it up even more. add more pockets, make it bigger, make it smaller, try different straps):


 I absolutely love them both!

 I would love to see yours if you make one too! Be sure to send me a pic :)

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Amanda said...

Can I have one please! Both bags are lovely, the fabrics are so Springy! Your mum is a lucky lady to get one of these this weekend!

Thanks for the great tutorial, I might try this over the weekend.

Me said...

These are adorable! I love a good knock-off & I think yours are wayyy cuter than the ones at Anthro :) Hope you and your mom have a good Mothers' Day! beautiful job!

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Stopping by from Tatertots and Jello Weekend Wrap Up Party. I am also a new follower of your blog.

Great tutorial and most of all beautiful bag!!

When you get a chance stop by my blog:

Happy Mother's Day!

Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} said...

This is super adorable and I love how easy your steps are to follow! Thank you for sharing!

Katie :)

Krysta said...

I am loving both of those purses!! You are amazing! I have been trying to find a cute purse forever and no such luck. I might have to pay you to make me one. :) I have cookies for you btw. I will bring them tomorrow!

Tonya @ Love of Family And Home said...

Very cute!! I'm loving the fabrics you chose!!

Lyuba @ Will Cook For Smiles said...

I love it! Wow, you did a great job!

Jen @ said...

Beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!!

I shared it on my TT&J facebook page.


Bring Pretty Back said...

I absolutely love them both too! WOPW!
Have a pretty day!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

you did an amazing job!!! You know, it could even be made reversible, yellow on the outside, green on the inside...might have to try that :).

Very cute!

Sisters of the said...

great bag!! I would love for you to link it up at our Sister Sunday link party going on now!

Unknown said...

cute, cute, cute, cute, cute,
I'm loving making totes right now and I'm bookmarking this one to try to make soon!!!
Thank you for sharing!!!

I'm following you from the Girl Creative linking party.
I would love it if you'd follow me at:

Trisha @ The Sweet Survival said...

What a gorgeous purse! I love both fabrics - I wouldn't be able to choose. Great job.

Amanda said...

What a great knock off! I've featured this post on Copy Cat Crafts today, you can view it here

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