Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fabric goodie bags

It is my daughter's 11th birthday on Tuesday!! Can you believe it? I can't! Where does the time go? Well, this year she decided she just wanted to have a few friends over for a movie and sleepover. Sounds fun to me! So I decided to sew them each little bags with their initial on it to put some goodies in. Here is the finished product:

 These are super easy to make (yeah after I did a test one and threw it away. Oh and figured out it's much easier to sew on an applique BEFORE you make the bag.)

 Supplies: (for six bags)
 Two yards of main fabric
 one yard of decorating fabric
 heat n bond (the kind that you can still sew through)

 Alright so I dont have the exact measurements of this, I am a more of a eye it out kind of girl. Hey it works for me (most of the time). So I folded the two yards of fabric in half and counted ten little designs and cut. Repeat and cut for six bags. Now unfold each one and cut in half. Was the confusing? Well here are some pics:

 Now take the decorative fabric and cut six four inch wide strips that are a yard long. This will soon be the ruffle trim. Take the remaining decorative fabric and cut out letters of girls names. This is what you should have:
 Now apply heat n bond to back of each letter per directions on package. Then iron on to one of the pieces of the main fabric:
 Ok so here is where I messed up the first time. I got so excited to finish the bag, I forgot to do a crossstitch along the edge before I sewed the bag together. SO for the A, I had to do it when it was in bag form. Ummm not so easy.  By the time I got to M, I smartened up and did a cross stitch BEFORE a made the bag. Well at least I learned right?!
 So now ruffle your strips of fabric. Fold strip in half and do a straight stitch down the side at a 5 length. Pull the top stitch and bunch fabric. Voila! Ruffle! I am so smart (not really, it's so easy to do. I just like to pump myself up).  Now attach ruffle evenly on front of other piece of fabric:
 Then put the initialed fabric on top (make sure the letter isn't upside down. M would be pretty upset if I called her W). Do a cross stitch around the edges:
 Now flip outside in and trim the excess fabric on top. Keep about an inch that you will hem:
 Fold the inch seem allowance in and hem. Now use the excess fabric you cut off the top and fold a couple times. Sew down side. Ok so blogger totally rejected my picture of the handle. Whatever Blogger whatever! So here is a pic of the handle attached. I did a cross stitch on this too and back stitched a bunch. Don't want their bags falling apart on them!
 So here is A, M, and B:

 Ummmm or not because apparently blogger didn't like that one Either?!? How about another pic of A:

Off to make K and E........ C couldn't make it :(

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Amanda said...

This is a fantastic idea! Lovely for them to have a keepsake rather than a plastic bag which will get tossed in the bin!

I'm sure they will love them!

Krysta said...

So cute!! "K" is going to love it!

Megan said...

Those are so cute, I would have LOVED to get one of those at a party!! They are going to love them!!

Jen-CraftOManiac said...

Adore the bag, great fabric choices, super cute. Thanks for your sweet comment too, made my noon! winks-jen