Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday baby girl!

Today is the day! My daughter is 11! I can't believe it. Time goes by way to fast. It seems like not too long ago she looked like this:
 Look at that sweet thing. I just want to kiss those cute little lips. Wasn't she just the prettiest baby girl?! Here are a few more blasts from the past:
 Three and a half. Her third Halloween. She loved Disney princesses. She was Sleeping Beauty for her fourth Halloween :)
 This is her third birthday picture that went out in her birthday cards.
 A little over a year old here enjoying an ice cream cone :)
 About two here.
 Her fourth Birthday. She wore a crown and a princess dress for her first six birthdays. Such a little diva!

 And here she is today. Not my baby girl anymore, but she will always be my little girl :)
 Skirt I made her for her birthday party (check out post HERE)

  She is just gorgeous. I am so blessed. Happy Birthday Alexa! Mommy loves you!!

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Krysta said...

Happy Birthday Lexa! I loved looking at all her baby pictures. I see so much of Ethan in the early ones! So sad that they have to grow up.