Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A couple Valentines crafts

Okay I know it's Valentines day today AND it's late, but I really was meaning to post this earlier and my computer froze up. Yay for being awesome! This is a project I did last year with Lexa. We had fun making it and it's super cute, so I thought I would post it again :)

 It went a little like this:

Get a cereal box

Cut four 1 inch strips out of the box

 Cut 2 heart shapes out of the box

 Now glue the strips to the top heart and the bottom heart
 Make sure that the top strip is on the very edge of the heart

Make sure the bottom strip is glued on about 1/8 of an inch in the heart

This way the box with close together

 fYI I ended up redoing the bottom one because I glued fabric to the bottom of the heart. So you may want to do that first.

 Then I glued trim around the sides and my daughter glued the fabric on the hearts. We then made some fabric flowers together and picked out a cute photo of the two of them together. We glued everything on and added some little gems.

 Here is the result:

This year we made a Valentines box together for her class party. I got the idea from good old Pinterest (check that out here)

Here is our version of it:

Hope everyone had a great Valentines day!!


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