Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Wreath

It is three in the afternoon right now here in Texas and it's 82 degrees. How amazing is this!! Oh how good it feels. If you are from up north you may think I am crazy, but just two days ago is was like a hundred and something. So this feels like amazingly great!! I had the best run this morning and I was even able to run errands without sweating when I walked from the car to the store. So nice!

On to my fall wreath. I used that tip that's being pinned over and over on Pinterest. You know the one where you use the foam tube thingy from the plumbing department at Lowes/Home Depot. Then you use tape to hold the ends together in a circle. If you don't have Pinterest you must live in a cave and not have internet connection. Oh wait how would you be reading this then. I'm kidding. Maybe you shouldn't join Pinterest if you haven't already, it's like a horrible addiction. I Must. Keep. Pinning. Oh where was I? Fall wreath. Right, So I used that idea which you can see pinned HERE.

I then got me some fall decor at the Dollar Store. Yes again people, they have some good stuff. Come on you can't beat a dollar. A little side note, I was at the dollar store and saw that they have those stone vase fillers. I just bought a bag of them at Walmart a couple weeks ago for like 6 dollars. Annoyed! Anyways on to the wreath again. I don't really have a tutorial because I really wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. I LOVE it though! Here is the final result (sorry about all the tangents in this post).

 I really like how this turned out! If you are interested in making something similar I could walk you through the steps. It was just a lot of hot gluing!

Also found these little silhouette mice or rats, whatever, at the dollars store. Cute!! My Two year old started laughing when I put them on and said "I'm gonna get you" to them. He is pretty funny!

Update: The foam piping totally didn't withstand the weight of my decorations. I ripped it all off and reapplied it to a twig wreath I bought at Hobby Lobby for $2.49. Here is an updated pic:


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paperjunk-lc said...

You get a big Amen from this Dallas girl on a 83 degree day. 70 days over 100 will melt your mind. Love those silhouettes...I might have to stop by today to see if they have any!
BTW love the burlap bunting!

Megan said...

Great wreath, I really love that S! I'm with ya on the 80's being fab, such a needed break!! I bought those mice last year and stuck them on my back door and my cat was freaking out :) ha!

Sheri said...

awesome wreath and the S is for my first and last name. I saw one similar to it on Pinterest. Love it - thanks for sharing.

Krysta said...

Love the wreath and I really love the S. Did you make that?

Josie said...

Girl, since you decorated your mantle, I've been to my Dollar Tree 2 times and they still don't have all the goodies you've been showing off. So not fair! I love wreaths, I try to keep one on my door year-round. I'm gonna go to Dollar Tree this week (again) and hopefully, they'll have cute stuff! Btw, I LOOOOVE your front door! Hopefully some of that cooler weather will find its way to Florida soon. It's still deadly here-I want outdoor playdates!!! C'mon Fall!

Amy said...

So festive! I love orange for fall. Would you link up at my Door Decor Challenge?